The Proptech Podcast Episodes

TRANSCRIPT: Essensys – Sean Lucas: Tech Infrastructure Out of the Box
TRANSCRIPT: BOOM! – Alex Houlston: Electrifying Australia’s Residential Sector
TRANSCRIPT: Construction ID – Justin Williams: Wiseworking for the Construction Industry
Shownotes for Steve Katanas –HID
TRANSCRIPT: HID – Steve Katanas: Ending the Office Lanyard
TRANSCRIPT: PT Blink – Industrialising Construction: Murray Ellen and Andrew Giles
TRANSCRIPT: Evitat – Sonja Markovic: Making it easier to create efficient homes
TRANSCRIPT: Sensor Global – Andrew Cox: Saving Lives with Proptech
TRANSCRIPT: The Proptech Awards – Jennifer Harrison: The Complete Rundown
TRANSCRIPT: PropTrack – Shelley Horton: The Importance of Good Data
Shownotes Joe Rossi – National Property Group
TRANSCRIPT: National Property Group – Joe Rossi: The 60 Year Old Start Up
TRANSCRIPT: Procuracon – Andy McColgan: The Pain Points of Construction
TRANSCRIPT: Renti – Will Alexander: Renting Made Enjoyable
TRANSCRIPT: Kolmeo – Scott Bateman: Assembling the Parachute mid air
TRANSCRIPT: Propti – Jake Isman: Simple, Verified, and Faster Reports
TRANSCRIPT: ProptechBNE – Isaac Coonan: 2023 Australian Proptech Economic Impact Report
REACH – Peter Schravemade: Proptechs Well Worth Watching
Milk Chocolate – Richie Ragel & Michael Cleary: “Whole of Property Ownership”
StaffLink – Christina Lennie: The intersection of outsourcing, processes and Proptech
SaleFish – Tony Tadros: Joining the Dots
Capstone Recuitment – Glenn Marland: All About People
DLP – Chris Polin: Smarter Defects Management
MRI – David Bowie: MRI acquires Proptech Group
Box Brownie – Brad Filliponi: SnapSnapSnap
Proptech Group – Joe Hanna: Agent ecosystems and IPO rodeos
Cirrus 8 – Steven Carulli: Commercial Property Management in the Cloud
Little Hinges – Josh Callaghan: Virtual tours with marketing insights
Release.Me – Amber Keogh: Making off-the-plan fairer
Real Time Conveyancer – Kylie Dillon: Making Conveyancing Amazing