Proptech Group – Joe Hanna: Agent ecosystems and IPO rodeos

My guest this week is Joe Hanna, CEO of the Proptech Group. 

Joe started his career as a software developer before working at Fairfax in the days when classifieds and their rivers of gold were still a thing. He successfully made the transition across to the digital business and over the past decade or so has been working with Simon Baker on proptech startups and growing them into serious players, most recently in launching the Proptech Group - the fourth business he has taken to IPO.  

In this interview, Joe and I discuss the changing dynamics of proptech for real estate agencies, the need to create your own lead generation and marketing ecosystem, and he generously shares his experiences on what it’s really like to list a proptech on the stock exchange. 

01:50 - the Proptech Group elevator pitch

06:09 - Joe's background

08:22 - What's it like to IPO

11:29 - Challenges of the IPO

15:57 - The vision for Proptech Group

24:12 - Vagaries of being a listed company

27:29 - Views on real estate and how they're adapting with technology

31:44 - Advice for agents

33:28 - What does the next 5 years hold?

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