Proptech Guru are subject matter experts in proptech, real estate and property who use our knowledge and contacts to position the expertise and solutions of our clients as successful innovators. We are a crack team of experienced technology and marketing professionals who specialise in growing our clients’ businesses by establishing their credentials as trusted thought leaders who solve real industry problems. 


Scalable CMO

If you’re a fast-growing proptech, let us help you scale your marketing team with the perfect mix of strategic advice and c-suite level experience plus affordable tactical excellence across digital and social media marketing, data and CRM management and content positioning to own the narrative, build your brand and drive sales. Our goal is to work with and empower your team and make ourselves redundant within 12-18 months.

Proptech Business Plan Development & Research

Fast track building your business case and position your tech to win using our deep market knowledge and expertise to stress test your concept and articulate it's USP. We handle pitch deck development including identifying total and suitable addressable markets, product concept and positioning, competitor analysis, elevator pitch and budget structure with regular WIP meetings to ensure alignment. 

Board and Executive Consulting

We work regularly with founders and boards providing advice on growth, sales, marketing, data and governance to bring everyone onto the same page and align your vision, mission, values, strategic planning and tactical executions.  

Real Estate and Property Content

Proptech Guru are subject matter experts in property, real estate, proptech, mortgage and real estate agent behaviour. We deliver articles, blogs, media releases, webinar concepts, podcasts and think pieces and will identify and research data and trusted sources while managing all facets of the delivery. 

Content Series

A single blog or video will rarely move the needle. We are also great at content campaigns across articles, video and podcasts. These can then be scheduled for use in broader campaigns. 

Whitepapers & Thought Leadership

Our whitepaper work identifies areas where you can own or drive the narrative, and then covers all the work to make it real from crafting survey questions, promoting and driving survey participation, through to analysing data and writing up the final report and accompanying blogs, social media campaigns and media releases.

Email Campaigns

Good email campaigns are created as a series that seeks to take the audience on a journey and provide ongoing information that builds over time. We’ll create campaigns that your audience wants to read. 

Social Media Campaigns

Our social media is engaging, thoughtful, gorgeous, brand aligned and content driven and will build your audience and community both organically and paid (as appropriate). 

Event strategies, Webinars & Online Panels

Our team is made up of former editors and journalists who eat content for breakfast. We love crafting narratives for conferences, webinars, and panel discussions and are experts at juggling the ‘church and state’ requirements of engaging content and sponsor/partner commitments that will make your audience

Live Presentations & Moderation

Our experienced team deliver keynote presentations, event hosting and panel moderation at in-person events with topics are customised to your event goals. These can include overviews on the proptech space in Australia, new trends, or identification and analysis of specific subsectors in proptech. (ie: ESG, Build to Rent, Residential etc). 

Proptech Workshops and training

Need to train your team in change management, adopting technology or using data and research? We deliver customised workshops and in-person team training and include engaging delivery plus all materials for attendees after the event. 


Why go for a typical workshop when you can turn it into a hackathon? Our customised hackathons will get your team living and breathing innovation and take them out of their comfort zone in a fun, engaging and often rowdy (!) way to inspire their thinking about the future of your organisation. 

Media Training

Our hands on workshops go through the basics of speaking to the media. Topics covered include working on your pitch, crafting your comments, interview techniques, steering hostile interviews and tips for looking good on camera. Plus some great tips on what NOT to do. 

Crisis Management

When things go wrong, you need someone you can trust who has got your back. Our specialist and deeply experienced team will step in to advise you on the best way to handle the issue, managing media and stakeholder engagement to ensure your brand not just survives but comes through the issue stronger than ever.