Real Time Conveyancer – Kylie Dillon: Making Conveyancing Amazing

My guest this week is one of my most favourite people on the planet and a woman I am proud to call a dear friend - the amazing Kylie Dillon from Real Time Conveyancer. 

Real Time Conveyancer is a new startup that delivers an end to end transaction and customer management system for Conveyancers. 

Kylie has extensive experience in this field, with more than 19 years running her own conveyancing group, KDD Conveyancing in Perth, plus two years consulting with PEXA on the digital settlement universe doing a strategic analysis of how it impacted conveyancing. 

It was at Pexa that she met her co-founder for Real Time Conveyancing, Mike Price and the two of them took a wild trip to Las Vegas to attend the INMAN Connect conference in 2019 where their thinking for their startup became real. 

In this interview - which we did back in late December - Kylie talks about the disruption happening in the conveyancing space, the need for better conveyancing experiences for buyers and sellers and the challenges of getting a startup with such a big vision up and running, while also raising capital.

What I did not realise - nor, I think did anyone - is that while all of these things were going on - Mike had been diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer, and heartbreakingly, he passed away in January. So at the end of the interview, Kylie and I grabbed a second moment to remember Mike who was truly both a fantastic CTO and absolute rockstar of a bloke - and you’ll have to forgive us as we get a bit teary. 

But here to tell us all about it, Kylie Dillon welcome to the Proptech Podcast!


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02:44 - The Real Time Conveyancer elevator pitch and the problems it solves

07:30 - Kylie's background

14:51 - How big is Real Time Conveyancer now?

20:38 - Who are the competitors in the space?

24:14 - The rollout plans

26:46 - About closing the first funding round

30:58 - What does the perfect settlement look like?

34:43 - What do the next 5 years hold?

38:00 - Addendum for Mike Price

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