StaffLink – Christina Lennie: The intersection of outsourcing, processes and Proptech

My guest in this episode is Christina Lennie, Chief Customer Officer of StaffLink.

StaffLink began as a property management Proptech founded by Corey Davis, Joel Davis and Bryn Humble but now has expanded to remove pain across all areas where processes and tech cross over including sales and even Strata.

It was born out of the real life experiences - and pain - of running a real estate office and all its solutions are still tested at Image Property.

This is a fabulous conversation with Christina as we look at the intersection of outsourcing, processes and Proptech.

  • What is your proptech’s elevator pitch?

  • So what does your proptech do exactly? What problems are you specifically solving? How big a problem is this to us as a society?

  • How big is the market that you’re operating in?

  • What are the benefits to using your proptech? 

  • Who does it specifically help? Who are your customers? 

  • What's your business model? 
  • Tell us about how your proptech started? How did you get into this craziness known as proptech? What’s your background?

  • How big is your proptech? How many staff? Turnover?

  • What have been the biggest challenges and lessons you learned to date as part of your startup?

  • What is something you know now that you wish you’d known when you started?

  • Who are your competitors in this space? How do you see the competitive space?

  • What do you see are the future trends that will drive your growth and impact our corner of proptech over the next 5 years?

  • What does the future look like for your proptech?

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