Box Brownie – Brad Filliponi: SnapSnapSnap

My guest in this episode is the irrepressible Brad Filliponi, co founder of Boxbrownie.com, one of Australia’s most globally successful proptechs with a website active in four languages, and operations in more than 112 countries around the world. 

Started by professional real estate photographer Brad and his friend, technical genius Mel Myers, BoxBrownie.com is a 24/7 photo editing company providing a range of services for real estate marketing, offering a no-subscription, pay-as-you-go service, with edits returned within 24 hours. They have a global team of more than 2000 editors and a team of 200, with home base being in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. 

BoxBrownie have simplified so many elements of real estate photography and marketing, including creating floorplans, virtual staging and virtual tours, and in early 2023 they will raising the bar again with the launch of their new iPhone app, SnapSnapSnap which allows agents to take professional quality DSLR photos using just their mobile phone. 

  • What is your proptech’s elevator pitch?

  • So what does your proptech do exactly? What problems are you specifically solving? How big a problem is this to us as a society?

  • How big is the market that you’re operating in? (Anything you can offer around market sizing is super helpful)

  • What are the benefits to using your proptech? 

  • Who does it specifically help? Who are your customers? 

  • What's your business model? 
  • Tell us about how your proptech started? How did you get into this craziness known as proptech? What’s your background?

  • How big is your proptech? How many staff? Turnover? (Whatever you feel comfortable discussing)

  • What have been the biggest challenges and lessons you learned to date as part of your startup?

  • What is something you know now that you wish you’d known when you started?

  • Who are your competitors in this space? How do you see the competitive space?

  • What do you see are the future trends that will drive your growth and impact our corner of proptech over the next 5 years?

  • What does the future look like for your proptech?

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