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My guest in this episode is Joe Rossi, the national sales and go-to-market director of the property data provider National Property Group. 

National Property Group connects Australian property professionals with ready-to-use, property data, marketing and sales platforms to power strategic business growth. They have a long heritage in the property industry - for those with long memories, they were born out of EAC and Red Square which makes them - as they state - a 60 year old startup. 

But they launched as National Property Group in 2020 and now boast 12 million property records, 107 million property images and 250 m records on sales and lease listings - and an API that is open and affordable for proptechs to experiment with.

  • Intro 00:00-00:36

Host Kylie Davis introduces the podcast and its focus on the intersection of technology

and real estate.

  • Overview of National Property Group (02:16-03:38)

Joe explains that National Property Group offers various products and services related

to property data.

  • Data Points and Products (05:21-08:55)

Kylie asks Joe about the number of data points National Property Group has.

Joe mentions that they have several key data points that are important for their clients.

Joe discusses the two main products they offer: a data portal and reports/searching for

agents and developers.

  • Applications and User Profiles (10:34-13:46)

Kylie asks Joe to give examples of applications and user profiles.

Joe mentions a surveying application built by National Property Group for surveyors.

Joe talks about the user profile called Terry and how they capture data.

  • Expansion and Partnerships (14:01-18:55)

Joe discusses the expansion plans of National Property Group, mentioning the states

they have launched in and their goal of becoming truly national.

Kylie asks about the relationship with Homely, and Joe describes it as positive.

Joe emphasizes the cooperative approach they take with other companies, including the EAC.

  • Challenges and Trends (26:21-29:14)

Kylie asks Joe about the biggest challenges faced by National Property Group.

Joe talks about the challenges of integrating different technologies and systems.

Joe discusses the tech trends that will impact National Property Group and mentions

the importance of pitch documents and the adoption of new technologies.

  • Vision for National Property Group (30:27-32:59)

Joe shares the vision of National Property Group, which includes improving data points,

user interface, and API integration.

Joe mentions their focus on observing what other PropTech companies are doing

and adapting accordingly.

  • Closing Remarks (32:59-34:25)

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