Capstone Recuitment – Glenn Marland: All About People

My guest in this episode is Glenn Marland, the Property director at Capstone Recruitment, one of Australia’s most established recruitment firms across the property and proptech space.

Getting your people right is absolutely essential in proptech and indeed in any business. You need to attract a team that has both the skills and the temperament to grow with you and help take your company to the next level. So in this episode Glenn and I discuss the current employment landscape, the common mistakes that proptechs make when hiring staff and how to avoid them.

Plus the recruitment industry was one of the first to be disrupted by technology with job websites among some of the first platforms to monetise digital through the posting of job ads. And yet we still have recruitment firms who specialise in delivering service and expert knowledge – so there’s some great insights for the future of real estate in this episode as well.

  • What is your company’s elevator pitch?
  • What are the services that your company offers and how big is the business?
  • Tell us a little about your career and how you came to be in this role?
  • The space you operate in is hotly contested in terms of proptech and innovation currently - how does your company remain competitive?
  • We’re seeing more proptechs entering your space. What’s your take on that?
  • How difficult - or easy - is it for a company of your company’s size and scale to remain innovative? What's your innovation strategy? 
  • What are the challenges your company faces in delivering that strategy?
  • What do you see are the challenges your customers are facing at the moment? How are you trying to address those?
  • What's your personal approach to innovation?
  • Let’s talk about innovation and the culture at your company. How are the two connected in your view?
  • What do you want your company to be known for under your leadership - both to your staff and your customers? 
  • What are the technology trends out there that you see will impact real estate and property management over the next few years?

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