Little Hinges – Josh Callaghan: Virtual tours with marketing insights

My guest this week is an exciting new proptech that is taking a completely different approach to technology that has been around for quite a while. It's Josh Callaghan, the CEO of Little Hinges, which uses virtual tour technology as a gateway to a deeper and richer digital marketing experience. Now, how intriguing is that as an idea?

Josh has more than 20 years of experience across financial services, fintech and startups, including stints at Canstar and the REIQ, and Little Hinges was a startup winner in the inaugural Proptech awards last year for sales and marketing. What helped them win however wasn't the high adoption for a virtual tours created by COVID and the pandemic, but the insights and analytics that Little Hinges is able to extract from those tours.

01:52 - The Little Hinges elevator pitch

06:31 - How virtual tours improve agent and buyer experience

13:22 - What kind of analytics can you see?

20:17 - What's the Josh's background and the background of Little Hinges' founders?

25:39 - Who are some of your clients? and the Little Hinges roadmap

29:38 - Discussion of virtual tours and new tech

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