Cirrus 8 – Steven Carulli: Commercial Property Management in the Cloud

My guest in this episode is Steve Carulli, founder and non-executive director of Cirrus8, new locally grown property management software for commercial real estate that is cloud-based, AI rich and highly flexible. Now, Steven has a 30-year plus history in commercial property ownership, management and real estate, including four years as managing director and licensee at Jones Lang LaSalle for Western Australia and 21 years as a director of RealTrust Property Accounting Services, Australia's largest outsourced property trust accounting service provider.

Now, Cirrus8 was founded seven years ago, born out of the frustration with the then current suite of property management tools for commercial property, and it is now rapidly growing its market share among some of commercial real estate's biggest brands.

01:53 - The Cirrus 8 elevator pitch and what problem they are solving

04:32 - What does Cirrus 8 do, that others don't?

06:10 - How easy is it to change from an incumbent to Cirrus 8?

10:16 - What does Cirrus 8 do different to legacy systems?

12:40 - The business model, clients, and who owns data

17:20 - Covid and other big challenges

22:46 - What does the next 5 years hold?

27:41 - Discussions of combining tech

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