Jess Vesely and Daisy Ashworth – Mortgage Mates

My guests in this episode are Jess Vesely and Daisy Ashworth, from Mortgage Mates, a Proptech that helps strangers connect to buy their ideal property together. Now, while Mortgage Mate sounds like a FinTech, Daisy and Jess both actually have backgrounds in the not-for-profit sector and are passionate about housing security, so they're coming at the whole issue of housing affordability from a very different angle to what you'd expect. They're looking at it through the lens as a social issue. Now, they describe themselves as Tinder for mortgages, which I love as a hook.

1:42 – Mortgage Mates elevator pitch and the problems they solve

4:53 – How Mortgage Mates matches people

8:33 – They talk about the logistics of how Mortgage Mates is used and can be used

15:11 – Who is the ideal Mortgage Mates client

17:34 – How does Mortgage Mates work with existing real estate agents or mortgage brokers?

21:24 – How COVID has impacted their business

24:47 – Discussions of the next five years for Mortgage Mates and the real estate/housing affordability space

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