VaultRE – Amazing Tales In CRMs

My guest in this episode is Adam Campbell from VaultRE, a new generation cloud based CRM platform for real estate that works across sales, property management, and even trust accounting.

Adam and his business partner, Scott Wolf were the original founders of MyDesktop, and they sold the business to Fairfax, which became Domain where it became the dominant CRM platform in the industry. But they were made redundant several years ago, and yet they vowed to stay together as a team working on a new cloud based CRM called VaultRE, that had all the features and functionality that MyDesktop had never been able to get the resources to develop. And two weeks ago, they pulled off another coup when they announced a new investor in the form of former realestate.com boss, Simon Baker. Using the money to purchase you guessed it, MyDesktop from Domain. It's an astonishing story.

(01:45): The VaultRE elevator pitch – and how VaultRE delivers a single view of the business across sales, property management.

(02:53): Why MyDesktop is legacy and how VaultRE works in the cloud.

(03:56): The story of Adam, Scott and MyDesktop and how they came to set up VaultRE.

(06:11): How legacy software is holding real estate back.

(07:39): The importance of knowing if you want your data to be open or closed.

(08:18): A summary of VaultRE and how it allows agents and property managers to be mobile.

(10:03): Why the traditional definition of a “mobile agent” needs to change

(13:39): The important question of ‘who owns the contact’ and how this is tied to open or closed data environments.

(16:04): Adam explains the benefits of fluid data

(18:41): VaultRE and the open or closed eco-system debate

(20:19): How VaultRE is working with clients – and new clients – during Covid19. Or How to Know if you need a new CRM.

(21:57): Adam describes how property sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants have better experiences using VaultRE.

(24:25): Adam tells us about the deal between VaultRE and former REA boss, Simon Baker and purchasing MyDesktop.

(26:27): How migrating MyDesktop customers is going to work

(28:33): Adam tells us what he can about the return of Simon Baker to Australian real estate.

(31:37): Adam talks about his entrepreneurial journey and how being made redundant from Domain was the kick up the bum he needed.

(35:02): How the new deal is powering the business.

(37:06): Adam talks about the trends he sees coming down the pipe for real estate. (Remember this was recorded just as Coronavirus was hitting)

(39:13): Adam talks about the portal policies of getting closer to the customer and what that’s likely to mean.

(41:56): The wrap.

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