BindiMaps – Anna Wright: Making Property Accessible

Have you ever gotten lost inside a large building like a hospital or shopping complex? It can happen to any of us, and we know how frustrating and sometimes overwhelming the experience can be.

But imagine if you experience a vision impairment and have to deal with those feelings everywhere every day. How do you even work out where you are if you can’t find the signage to read the Braille? The majority of our buildings are difficult - verging on impossible - places to navigate for those with a disability and our next guest is determined to fix that. 

Dr Anna Wright is the CEO of BindiMaps, is a navigation app that works where traditional GPS does not - indoors. While this app offers convenience to most of us, it is fundamentally changing the way that those with a vision impairment or other disabilities can navigate our internal spaces independently and safely.

Anna had a long career in accounting, taxation and lecturing at UTS before a medical diagnosis of a disease that threatened to rob her of her sight led her to the life-changing decision to pivot to create BindiMaps. 

02:52 - The BindiMaps elevator pitch

06:06 - The accessibility BindiMaps provides for people on the autism spectrum

10:31 - How does it all work?

12:24 - How has technology helped people living with disabilities?

16:56 - Who are some of the BindiMaps Clients?

18:37 - Anna’s background

22:12 - How long does it take to equip these building with the technology and how big is BindiMaps now?

29:05 - The BindiMaps business model

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