MRI – David Bowie: Innovation At Scale

My guest this week is David Bowie. No, obviously not that David Bowie, although, of course, he gets that response all the time. But David Bowie, the senior vice president and managing director of MRI Software Asia Pacific. David has a 25 year history in the technology space, working for companies including PWC, IBM, Dimension Data and SaaS.

And if you're not sure who MRI Software is, well, they are a global real estate solutions company that purchased Rockend back in 2019. David joined MRI just before the pandemic broke out and since then, he's made an impact as a transformative leader who has also acquired several well known Proptechs, including Australian CRM Box and Dice and New Zealand Proptech who is on location. David's a big believer in the importance of strong organisational cultures. And in this interview, we talk about the role of longstanding tech suppliers in the innovation ecosystem and driving change in large organisations, including the best way to handle rusted on clients who may not wish to upgrade.

02:05 - The MRI elevator pitch

05:21 - MRI coming to Australia and their acquisitions

10:19 - Innovations strategy

15:35 - Culture and how it helps innovate

19:18 - How to connect with MRI as a Proptech

20:05 - What are the challenges facing customers?

27:30 - How does MRI address the challenges?

31:07 - What David wants MRI to be known for under his leadership

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