Pexa – Lisa Dowie: Digitising the Settlement Universe

My guest this week is Lisa Dowie, chief customer officer at PEXA, and one of the drivers behind PX Ventures. Lisa has been at PEXA since 2012, and it's fair to say that she's part of the team at PEXA that has been transforming the way property is transacted in Australia and around the globe. PEXA is an online exchange that keeps everyone in the picture as a property settlement progresses. And for anyone who has experienced the pain and frequently trauma of a traditional physical paper settlement, you might be surprised at how much easier the PEXA universe is making it for conveyancers, lawyers, banks, land registries, and yes, even buyers and sellers to settle a property these days, thanks to their technology and investment in the space. 

Now Lisa is passionate both about PEXA and innovation in the settlement area, and PEXA a big supporter of the proptech industry, hosting the Property X Awards each year, and also PX Ventures, a great initiative for the proptech startups and newbie entrepreneurs which we discuss in this podcast.

02:02 - The Pexa elevator pitch an why it’s so important to digitise the settlement transaction market

05:23 - Who are the customers of Pexa?

10:59 - The anxieties of settlement transactions

15:06 - Conveyancer/solicitor and real estate agent use of Pexa

19:53 - How did Lisa come to join Pexa

23:01 - What’s on the Pexa roadmap?

28:09 - What are the pain points in the upstream space?

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