Campaign Agent – Shaun Moriarty: Vendor Payment Solutions

My guest this week is the founder of a powerful agency proptech - Shaun Moriarty, co-founder and CEO of Campaign Agent. 

Shaun had more than 15 years experience in financial services, strategic risk management for new markets and technology, before a conversation on a ski-lift with an old friend who worked in real estate led to the formulation of CampaignAgent - a proptech that provides payment solutions for real estate agencies - in the form of easy to access finance for vendor paid marketing, agent commissions and even a form of bridging finance. 

In this interview we talk about the depth and breadth of the real estate finance space which is much bigger than I realised. According to Shaun, the average marketing expenses of a sales campaign is around $4,900 a property and when you offer financial solutions to sellers, they are likely to invest 10 to 20% more in their campaigns. 


And his skiing mate, Seth Watts, well he became his co-founder. 

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02:01 - The Campaign Agent elevator pitch

7:35 - How big of a barrier has finding money upfront been?

12:15 - How many people use it?

16:51 - Where did the idea come from?

20:18 - Four key products

25:34 - What objections do you get from agencies?

30:13 - About data and fascinating insights

35:04 - Vision for the future

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