Direct Connect – David Holman: Connected To Customers

My guest this week is David Holman, the CEO of Direct Connect. David has had a long career in the energy industry. Before taking on the role of CEO in 2016, he was head of business development at Red Energy for 11 years and specialises in keeping large scale businesses innovative and aligned with future trends, while never losing sight of the importance of great relationships with customers. 

Direct Connect is one of Australia’s most established connection service providers, but under David’s leadership, the company has undergone a reinvigoration, increasing the types of services its able to connect to expand from its origins in energy services, to include cleaning, removalists, insurance and even truck hire and delivering a service that is tech-enabled, but deeply personal.

And in this interview, David and I discuss the competitive marketplace of connection services, the challenges of innovating at scale and the challenges that both movers and real estate agencies are facing in the space. 

So here to tell us all about it. David Holman, welcome to the Proptech Podcast.  

01:58 - The Direct Connect elevator pitch and how big they are

06:31 - A bit about David’s career

08:08 - How Direct Connect remains competitive

14:14 - The Direct Connect Business model

17:19 - Approaching innovation

22:12 - What does David want Direct Connect to be known for under his leadership?

25:05 - What the next five years might look like

28:29 - What the next five years looks like for Direct Connect

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