TCPinpoint – Better ways to set up retail

My guest this week is Rachel Kidwell from TCPinpoint, a proptech that anyone working in retail real estate is going to find super fascinating. Rachel is an inspiring Proptech entrepreneur who has used the pain she used to experience as a tenancy coordinator and fit out manager in the retail sector, to found TCPinpoint, a cloud-based collaboration tool that brings all the stakeholders involved in the retail tenancy delivery process into one platform.

Now, there's a lot of people involved in getting a new store open, from landlords and building engineers and facility managers to the shop designer, fitter and trades people. And that's just a few. And after such a turbulent time in retail over the past few years, the industry is due for some good news and ways to save. TCPinpoint was part of the retailX 2020 programme with the Taronga group. Rachel is also an inspiring female entrepreneur, a co-founder of Proptech South Australia, an activator with SheEO and a member of the SA Future Trends and Innovations Committee of the Proptech Council of Australia.

01:52 - The TCPinpoint elevator pitch and the problems it solves

08:47 - What was it that made you create TCPinpoint?

10:39 - How is workflow changed?

17:04 - If every business used TCPinpoint, how would that change the retail space?

19:32 - What are you most proud of as a founder? Love the problem not the product

24:40 - Advice to women in proptech

31:21 - What’s the roadmap look like and is anything going to change the sector?

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