Inndox – Why properties need logbooks

Now, if you are like me and millions of others of homeowners out there, you have a drawer in your kitchen that is overflowing with old receipts, manuals, and warranties for all of the equipment in your home, plus a few old remotes, flat batteries, and pictures that the kids painted in kindie a lifetime ago. My guest this week is Trish Mackie-Smith, CEO and co-founder of inndox, a proptech that is a digital property logbook and was the winner of the Most Innovative Property and Facilities Management Startup Award at the PropTech Awards hosted by the Proptech Association of Australia.

Now, Trish has a very impressive professional background that qualifies her in this space. She is a former property lawyer and co-founder of Australia's most awarded building consultancy. She is the winner of the HIA 2019 Women in Building and Construction Awards Business Development Professional, and has led a campaign to improve seller disclosure for property buyers that is currently before Parliament. Trish started inndox with her husband, Andrew Mackie-Smith, who is actually Australia's most awarded building consultant, having won the Master Builders Queensland Building Consultant of the Year in 2017 and 2018 as well as Your Investment Property Magazine Best Building and Pest Business in Australia in 2018.

02:10 - Inndox Elevator pitch

09:17 - How does it tie in with real estate agents?

14:34 - How does it work? And how old is Inndox?

19:04 - How big is Inndox and what’s the business model?

24:48 - What do you think the next 5 years hold?

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