BuildApps – Making Data Easy to Manage

This week we're taking a look at a new innovation in the commercial property space with an interview with Paula Guino, COO of Build-Apps, a platform that creates a common data model for property portfolios and allows you to aggregate a multitude of data sources so you have a clear view at both an individual property and an aggregated portfolio level.

Paula has a background as an entrepreneur and is a director of Proptech Brisbane, and before joining Build-Apps with founder Liam Murray, she was at CBRE looking after digital and technology delivery.

Now, Build-Apps uses the Microsoft 365 system and is modular, which means clients are already familiar with how a lot of it works and can adopt the technology piece by piece to get used to it before scaling to bigger adoption.

01:41 - The Buildapps elevator pitch

05:54 - Breaking it down with an example

10:40 - How does Buildapps change things?

18:19 - What experiences have clients had?

23:58 - The background of Buildapps

29:33 - How big is Buildapps, and do you have any competitors?

Paula has now left Build-Apps, but reach out to Liam Murray, founder and CEO if you'd like to find out more: liam.m@build-apps.com

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