Properti – New solutions for social media

My guest in this episode is Craig Deveson from Properti, and that's Properti spelt with an I, a proptech that turns your CRM into a social media machine, making it easy to create targeted posts for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Social media and how to do it is a huge issue for agents. New data from ActivePipe, authored by yours truly, found that 93% of agents believe digital and social media marketing is important to their success, but only 42% feel that their skills are good, and just 4% think that they are excellent. So there is a huge need for tech that simplifies and makes it easy to get results.

Now, Craig has a long track record creating technology businesses on Amazon Web Services, AWS. He and I first met a couple of years ago at The PropTech Summit, where he, Sarah Bell, and James Dearsley, and I ended the night propping up the bar and solving all the problems of the proptech universe.

2:15 - Properti Elevator pitch

07:51 - Key blocker of agents doing social media

17:10 - The Information supply catch 22

23:04 - How do you use your ads?

25:10 - What are 3 things agents should be doing to improve their marketing?

29:22 - What does the next five years hold?

34:32 - What’s the Properti roadmap?

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