DeltaQ – Why we need a smart building rating

This week, a really interesting conversation about commercial property data and the move by the CSIRO to create a commonly-owned commercial data lake. My guest is Caoimhin Ardren, the Managing Director of DeltaQ, the energy management and efficiency consultants who are the originators of the commercial building energy rating scheme, NABERS. Now, if you're in commercial property, everyone knows the NABERS scheme. Now, Caoimhin has an intensive background in energy efficiency and consulting. 

And in this interview, he and I discuss the back story to the NABERS programme, its successes, and how the model is now being used for an exciting new project with CSIRO to create a commercial property data lake. In the interview, we discuss how a commercial property data lake could power further innovation across commercial property while also creating the foundations for smart building rating system. It's a little bit geeky, but it's very exciting stuff. 

02:06 - What is DeltaQ? And what is NABERS?

04:08 - How well has NABERS been adopted?

09:54 - Did NABERS change and upgrade existing buildings?

15:05 - So this kind of the model that we should be working on in how we move from our current building stock up to smart building stock for the future, right?

20:26 - Integrating systems and building new buildings

25:31 - What are the obstacles?

32:14 - How far away are we from making all Australian building ‘Smart-Buildings’?

37:57 - How do property owners get involved?

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