HomeLoop – Better Buyer Follow Up

My guest this week is someone very well known to most in the residential real estate industry and someone I'm delighted to call a friend, the fabulous Steve Carroll, who is now CEO of Proptech startup HomeLoop.

Now Steve was the director of industryrelations@realestate.com.au for nearly 10 years. And during that time, he became one of the best and most polished presenters on real estate technology and how it was impacting on real estate agents and our clients. And I have watched him many times on stage and being blown away by his presentations. Steve also set up Digital Live, a programme that combined helping agents to build their digital presence and understand digital marketing with a fundraiser. And most recently he's been raising funds for an orphanage in Thailand, raising tens of thousands of dollars. It's a fabulous initiative.

Since leaving REA like many of us he's had a whirlwind year with COVID, but he's recently taken up the role of CEO at HomeLoop, a Proptech, the promises to streamline the communication process between buyers and agents, especially around that open for inspection process.

01:54 - Homeloop elevator pitch

09:15 - It’s like a white label app?

16:35 - How’d Steve become involved in a proptech?

22:09 - How big is Homeloop?

28:31 - Is there any competition in this space?

34:48 - What trends are Homeloop playing into?

43:12 - What does the next 5 years look like?

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