Uxtrata – Making Strata Simple

My guest this week is Jill Chen, CEO of strata management platform Uxtrata. Now Jill is a super impressive proptech CEO. She has a bachelor of science in mathematics and computer science from the University of Auckland and has had 10 years experience in banking, and from there she moved into technology businesses that specialised in payment and business process improvement including time iterating on the WeChat system.

Uxtrata is a New Zealand based proptech that is disrupting, or probably more accurately, improving the strata management experience. Uxtrata specialises in AI driven business process improvements for strata companies with cloud based modules that streamline accounting, document management and communications, and they were part of the 2020 Australian Reach programme and they're now active in Australian and the Southeast Asian market. 

01:54 - The Uxtrata Elevator pitch

02:36 - What problems is  Uxtrata solving for strata?

06:34 - So how exactly does it work?

09:16 - Are you getting much resistance?

15:12 - What’s Jill’s background

18:04 - What’s expansion like for Uxtrata at the moment?

25:08 - What does the next 5 years hold?

28:27 - How have strata managers coped with automation?

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