Beepo – The Nexus of Outsourcing and Adopting Technology

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Proptech Podcast. My guest is Aimee Engelmann, CEO and founder of outsourcing business, Beepo. This is a really interesting conversation about the nexus between outsourcing and technology adoption in real estate. We cover how the skills you learn when you successfully outsource, are great training for adopting technology. And we look at how outsourcing is both being disrupted by some of the technology now out there, while also accelerating it.

01:46 The Beepo elevator pitch

02:10 The similarities between real estate and proptech and why Aimee started Beepo

04:38 The early links between outsourcing and innovators in real estate and the types of work that can be successfully outsourced, together with the main challenges to outsourcing.

07:45 Why would you choose outsourcing to the Philippines over outsourcing to another country?

09:00 How outsourcing requires you to examine your own leadership style.

09:55 Outsourcing when you’re a fast-growing proptech

11:18 How outsourcing can support proptechs in their product development.

14:39 The tech trends that are changing outsourcing, including AI

21:44 Transitioning from outsourcing basic tasks to integrating AI and how AI could soon lead outsourcing.

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