Third Place – A Third Place to Work

My guest in this episode is Dean Katz, Founder of Third-Place.org, a startup born during COVID as an alternative to working from either home or the office. It helps you find a third place, a local cafe, a hotel, or other venues happy to help you pull out your laptop and sit for a few hours, or host a meeting. Now, Dean started Third Place with family members who work across hospitality and tech, and his own background is a corporate lawyer specialising in mergers and acquisitions.

01:43 - The Thirdplace elevator pitch

02:51 - What problem does Thirdplace solve?

07:50 - So how exactly does Thirdplace work?

13:28 - Where did the idea come from?

16:19 - What does the business model look like?

20:00 - So how has it worked out? What kind of traffic is Thirdplace getting?

23:12 - Is this the future of working in an office?

26:13 - How do I work with Thirdplace?

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