ThoughtWorks – 3 Big Trends Affecting Proptech

My guest in this episode is the wonderful Nigel Dalton, one of real estate's original big thinkers.

Now, most of us know him from his days at realestate.com.au where he led the REA Labs Project. He has recently joined software consultancy ThoughtWorks, expanding his background and training as a social scientist into a much more roving brief. Now in every episode of the PropTech Podcast, we ask our guests what they think the next five years will hold for the property industry.

In this podcast, Nigel gives us an in-depth look at the three major trends that are driving the future of real estate. Believe it or not, it doesn't really involve blockchain, AI, or big data. Instead, the future of real estate looks a lot more human.

4:00 - What are the next big trends in the future of real estate?

8:40 - Think of population as a megatrend

15:44 - Populations are shrinking and what is going to happen to the housing stock of Australia?

20:11 - Megatrend number 2 is the shape of work

27:59 - Poor management is at the root of Australia’s biggest productivity issue

36:54 - Megatrend 3: The shape of our business

41:04 - There are four things real estate can learn from bookstores

48:05 - The break point in companies and the secret to effective workloads and communication

51:30 - Be a business your teenager would join

55:00 - One last rule; Find the others

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