UbiPark – Why parking is proptech

My guest in this episode is Mosstyn Howell, founder of UbiPark, a digital parking platform that makes it easy for us to travel smarter.

Now you may be wondering what has parking got to do with real estate? But did you know that 30% of urban traffic congestion is actually caused by people looking for parking? And in cities like London and Paris, a typical driver loses 165 hours a year being caught in traffic. So UbiPark helps building owners manage the parking experience with a white label app that both improves how tenants can use their parking spaces and speeds up entering and exiting parking without the need to fall out the window as I have been known to do, to grab one of those annoying tickets.

1:39 - Mosstyn gives the UbiPark elevator pitch and explains why parking is actually quite a big deal

4:52 - What about parking makes it a big issue?

7:51 - So how does it work?

16:32 - The better customer experience with UbiPark

20:06 - How did UbiPark come to be?

23:39 - UbiPark has a digital solution for the entire ecosystem

30:31 - An example of UbiPark in action

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