REACH Global – Expanding the reach of proptechs

Now, my guest in this episode is Dave Garland, Managing Partner of Second Century Ventures and the REACH global programme, the number one PropTech accelerator in the world. And from its start as an accelerator of US based PropTechs through the National Association of Realtors, REACH has expanded over the past two years to create programmes in Australia, Canada, and soon in the UK. And given the success of Aussie PropTechs, such as ActivePipe, BoxBrownie, and RateMyAgent in the US programmes, we like to think that it was the Aussies who showed REACH that innovation was not just the purview of the US industry, and that we played a role in their expansion. Now, Dave has met literally hundreds of PropTech entrepreneurs across his career, and he has a highly honed instinct for what makes a technology successful in real estate, property management, and construction, and where the tech is going.

2:10 - Kylie and Dave discuss elevator pitches and what makes a good elevator pitch.

8:13 - How has proptech changed in the 7 years that NAR Reach program has been around.

15:21 - The very important differences between TAM and SAM

20:39 - Even with all the tech, where are there still problems in real estate?

27:59 - What Proptechs are promising and exciting to Dave and how COVID is changing perspectives

37:37 - What are Dave’s predictions for the next five years?

43:52 - One quick last piece of advice Dave has for entrepreneurs.

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