Archistar – AI-driven development

My guest in this episode is Anycie Barakat from Archistar, a big data and AI platform that is a game changer for property development, design and even planning. Now Anycie has a master's in architecture and is the lead computational designer at Archistar, a business that was founded by her brother, Dr. Ben Coorey.

And in this interview, we talk about the extraordinary power of generative design, how it's being turbocharged by aggregated data sets across council planning laws and extended property data sets. And the extraordinarily exciting opportunities that it's opening up, not only on how to save significant costs in developing property, but coming up with better design outcomes that are more efficient, more creative and better for us to live and work in.

1:26 - Anycie gives the Archistar elevator pitch

3:58 - What is the problem that Archistar is solving and what can it do right now for clients?

8:22 - So who are their clients?

11:45 - How are real estate agents using the platform?

17:50 - Let’s talk about generative designs

21:54 - Talking about how councils are solving design challenges

27:56 - What is the Archistar road map?

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