Yabonza – Scaling Property Management

My guest this week is Mark Trowell from the property management disruptor Yabonza. Now, Mark's first job was as a property manager but then he became involved in banking, and many of you may know him from his time at Macquarie. He was recently a guest on The Proptech Association of Australia's Proptech panel, and he made some really insightful comments that blew me away about the scalability of property management, and how the traditional model of geography and having a local office in property management is probably doing a lot of investors a disservice. So, I wanted to get him onto the show and explore that idea further.

Now, Yabonza is a full-service property management company that is direct to landlords and charges a fraction of the commission of traditional property management. But they are also increasingly working as an outsource property management arm to principals who do not want the hassle of managing their own rent rolls.

2:00 - Mark gives the Yabonza elevator pitch and tells us the problems that they solve

5:00 - Mark and Kylie sympathise with the hard work of property managers and talk about what Yabonza does in a more humanized view

11:41 - How does a single centralised tech business in property management be efficient around things like inspections?

16:42 - How big is Yabonza?

19:20 - Discussing consolidating

24:29 - How traditional property managers can use Yabonza

29:21 - How Yabonza was started

34:10 - The competition that Yabonza face

40:54 - The future of Yabonza

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