Conexie – Making Every Building Smart

My guest is Matt Waugh from Conexie. Conexie specialises in connecting both human and appliance data in our buildings, to help make them genuinely smart. And best of all, it works for residential houses as well as commercial buildings. This is extremely exciting technology that combines the best of the internet of things, with observations by people. And if it's widely adopted, it could have a huge impact in helping us reduce the environmental impact of our buildings. As well as improve their safety and increase their healthiness. Now Matt is an AFR Top 100 Future Leader of Australia.

1:41 - Matt gives the Conexie elevator pitch

3:05 - How Conexie came to be and a little bit about the problems it solves

6:34 - Matt tells us utilisations of Conexie, and tells us how it made a carwash save thousands and solving issues elsewhere in the company

9:09 - Matt explains the user-interface of Conxie and how it all works when a person is using it

15:15 - We find out how individuals can use Conexie and the sort of sights that it is used on, both commercial and homes

20:14 - Matt explains the Conexie business model

25:57 - Even more benefits to Conexie!

32:00 - Kylie and Matt discuss competition for Conexie and what the future holds for them

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