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This episode is another one that looks at better ways of transacting commercial real estate. My guest in this episode is Simon Hayes from LeaseSearch. Now one of the big issues with commercial real estate, especially in the industrial and big office leases, is that it's hard to compare apples with apples. Unlike residential, where a three bedroom home is going to be pretty easy to compare to other three bedroom homes in the suburb, the variations in commercial can be extensive, and the value of the different features or compromises are hard to compare and put a value on. Lease negotiation therefore can be complicated, including large spreadsheets of features and lease terms.

Now LeaseSearch makes all of that easy. It helps tenants identify the features they really need a property to have, and it connects tenants with landlords of suitable properties. It then speeds up the leasing process, ensuring all property and financial issues are covered, and saves time for everyone involved.

1:45 - Simon gives the LeaseSearch elevator pitch

2:56 - Simon breaks down the difference and needs of commercial real estate compared to residential and how hard - but important - it is to make comparisons between properties in the commercial space.

9:17 - The interesting story of how LeaseSearch started

19:14 - Simon tells us his history

27:24 - The charging model of LeaseSearch

32:15 - Simon announces LeaseSearch Lite and what the next 5 years may hold for commercial real estate.

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