Instarent – Property Management App for Landlords & Tenants

My guest in this episode is AJ Chand, CEO and founder of InstaRent, a direct to landlords' platform that makes it easier for landlords to manage their own properties.

According to AJ, self-managing landlords make up nearly a third of the property rental market in Australia, looking after over one million properties. And that number is even higher in the UK and New Zealand. And InstaRentmakes it easy for landlords to manage their properties by providing an Airbnb style mobile app that lets them keep track of their rental properties from anywhere and to centralise their expenses and maintenance.

(1:27): AJ gives the InstaRent elevator pitch

(2:04): The problem that InstaRent solves

(6:53): How InstaRent tackles the complexities of various state legislations

(10:48): AJ discusses how people use InstaRent and also the size of the company

(16:34): AJ discusses his career background and how InstaRent came about

(19:46): How crowdfunding helped InstaRent

(24:20): AJ runs us through the tenant story of InstaRent

(32:12): AJ talks about how COVID has affected and will continue to affect the industry

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