ListOnce – Building Agency Data Architecture

Matt Webster from WebIT and ListOnce is my guest in this episode of the Proptech Podcast. WebIT is a first generation proptech, started about 20 years ago and one of its first contributions to real estate tech in Australia was a portal website for agents which went on to become realestateview.com.au. So it has a legacy of developing tech that pushes our industry forward and teaches us the importance of embracing new concepts.

It's most popular product is ListOnce which builds the data architecture that links real estate agents, CRM's, websites and the myriad of apps and technologies that agents now use and brings them all together so agencies can do more with their data. This was a delightful conversation with Matt who is a genuinely lovely person, about how data infrastructure is the essential plumbing that you need as an agency.

(01:35): Matt gives us the ListOnce and WebIT elevator pitches.

(03:05): The very interesting history of ListOnce – which is effectively part of the history of real estate technology in Australia.

(08:00): Why agencies need to build their data stacks or proptech hubs.

(10:29): How aggregated data allows you to connect more easily to other platforms, and get more out of them.

(12:40): Why data – and data aggregation – is a little like water tank plumbing.

(14:24): How ListOnce helps real estate groups offer CRM choice to their offices but still capture the data at the back end.

(18:12): The move from global master environments of command and control to more collaborative and flexible models.

(20:09): Who owns the data in real estate?

(21:46): The ListOnce business model and the importance of focus.

(25:26): Covid and how it has accelerated the appreciation of technology.

(28:27): Matt discusses Real Estate Industry Partners, its initiatives to support the industry and why it’s not all about industry portals any more.

(33:43): The importance of understanding the technology that is being rolled out around you and how the industry can play a role in that.

(38:07): Matt looks into his crystal ball to identify what the next five years holds for real estate – which is strongly data led!

(44:34): The future of ListOnce.

(46:24): Matt gives a lovely shoutout to the Proptech Association Australia.

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