Clelia Peters – Global Insights On Proptech

My guest in this episode is someone for whom I've had a huge fangirl crush for many years. Clelia Peters is an innovator, operator and investor working in the real estate industry, now at Bain Capital Ventures. Clelia was the founder of MetaProp, a $40 million seed-stage venture fund focused exclusively on real estate technology, and one of the first sector-specific funds that were focused on PropTech.

This is actually the audio of the interview that I did with Clelia for the Inman Connect Now conference, which was the virtual conference held in June. I've had a few family issues happening with my parents that have made it difficult for me to coordinate interviews for the podcast. But this is a great interview packed with some insightful information on global PropTech trends, the global investment appetite, and what's coming, and also how it's all shaken down with COVID. So I really didn't want you to miss it.

(02:29): Clelia talks about MetaProp, her background and how she came to join BainCapital.

(03:47): Clelia examines proptech development over the past two years and how Covid19 has affected that arc.

(06:47): Clelia’s observations about the venture capital space and how it will impactproptech

(11:45): The impact of the issues at SoftBank and WeWork and what they have taught the industry including whether they’ll have an impact on Compass

(16:14): The new proptech trends that have gained traction since Covid. The fire and the gasoline.

(18:04): Why property title tech and offer closing technology is coming into its own –and how they’re changing the real estate business model.

(20:31): Why residential real estate needs to move beyond the sales transaction as our revenue model.

(21:54): Clelia’s observations of the Australian proptech and property market.

(23:55): Clelia gives her picks of the speakers at Inman Connect. If you’re an Inman subscriber, insights from these sessions are still available and worth checking out:

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  • Vishal Garg
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