Peter Brewer – Teaching old dogs new tricks

My guest in this episode is Peter Brewer, president of the Real Estate Institute Queensland, a real estate trainer, and a longtime Inman Ambassador. Peter has longbeen an advocate for the need for agents to embrace technology, and for real estate to become more consumer friendly. For over a decade, he has brought home what he's learned from overseas conferences like Inman, and shared new techniques for marketing, social media, and adopting tech. In this interview, Pete and I chat about what Covid-19 has taught the real estate community, the challenges for franchises and real estate institutes and how the industry is being broken into two tribes. Plus we look at the highlights of the Inman Connect Now conference which starts this Tuesday June 2 in the US.

02:00): Peter’s elevator pitch. (Not bad for an old dinosaur!)

(02:51): Pete’s history as a real estate agent and the lessons he learnt from his father – including never to take anything for granted.

(05:58): How Peter became an Inman ambassador.

(07:22): The fun of having a crack at new things

(10:03): The tech the majority of agents should now be adopting

(12:38): The resilience of the real estate industry during Covid-19

(13:48): How the relationships agent had with their CRMs changed during Covid-19

(15:52): How real estate has split into two tribes during Covid-19

(17:11): What Pete learned about the industry by selling his fathers home and why the industry needs to come together to solve problems collectively.

(18:32): The role of real estate institutes in the technology adoption conversation.

(21:40): The pain points that need solving.

(23:42):The importance of Inman Connect Now at such a time of change and some of the speakers that Peter thinks will be highlights of the conference.

(29:32): The latest tech that Pete thinks will influence real estate and the changing business model of the franchises.

(32:35): Why change is a challenge.

(34:26): How the real estate institutes will modernise themselves.

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