Propic – Helping agents embrace AI

My guest in this episode is Fatek Chamma, Chief Experience Officer from Propic.

Propic is a modular system of solutions to common real estate issues from CRM through to lead generation, and franchise management. And with COVID-19 changing the industry so quickly right now, one of the problems Propic saw that needed a quick solution was creating AI that could help agents deal with the intensity of workflow created by a market with a lot of questions. They're making that available free right now to agencies during this period. So if you're curious to know how AI could help your business, this could be a great time to dip your toe intothe water.

(01:54): Fatek provides a detailed overview on Propic

(04:15): How the key Propic products click together

(05:42): Enliven and the story behind why Fatek and Propic have built AI for agents

(08:08): How AI can work for agents

(09:35): The power of AI to nurture conversations(10:58): Why times like Covid-19 are the right time for AI

(16:18): How tech adoption is accelerating

(18:47): What you can do with Propic AI

(25:11): The power of a single customer view

(28:59): Fatek shares his view on how we will come out of Covid-19 and the role of AI in that.

(35:09): Why it’s going to be a busy Spring market

(38:20): History of Propic

(43:08): Propic’s relationship to Salesforce.

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