Brad Inman – Listen to the unicorns

I am super excited that my guest in this episode is the legendary Brad Inman, founder of Inman, the biggest real estate news company in the world. Brad has been a long-time champion for technology in real estate. And going to Inman has become a rite of passage for many Australian prop techs. But Brad is also a huge agitator for better and more transparent and frictionless service in real estate and the role of good agents or realtors in that service. This is a power-packed interview that looks at the gift that COVID-19 has given the real estate industry - and the power of unicorns!

(01:50): Brad launches right in telling us about Connect Now.

(02:18): Brad’s thoughts on elevator pitches and the history of Inman.

(04:34): How the number of cool new startups that help real estate are likely to come out of the pandemic and Covid-19 is forcing the industry to innovate.

(07:04): Brad provides some examples of why he thinks the changes will stick after the crisis is over.

(08:42): The technology that Brad wishes WOULD disappear.

(09:37): Brad tells us what the unicorns told him while he was in isolation.

(10:46): The human experience of Covid-19 and how it has equalised us

(14:37): Global trends in real estate – and how the pandemic has not stopped transactions

(16:38): What agents should do right now

(17:47): Advice for startups and tech businesses – why you shouldn’t listen to your investors.

(20:47): Lessons from the last recession with a shoutout to Chris Smith.

(22:59): The expansion of Inman Connect to Connect Now – a global virtual event happening in June – and the key themes likely to be discussed.

(27:20): The tech that has impressed Brad during these times.

(29:13): The value of Connect Now to Australians and Kiwis.

(33:04): How right now is an epic moment in the history of real estate technology adoption.

(34:10): iBuyers? Apparently they’re back!

(34:41): We revisit the unicorn story and what Brad learned from the unicorns.

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