Unissu – democratising global proptech knowledge

James Dearsley from Unissu is my guest in this episode. Unissu is a global platform that helps real estate agents procure the best technology. James is an international expert on Prop Tech and is based in the UK, which as we all know is a few weeks ahead of Australia on the COVID-19 curve. I wanted to get his views on what the impact of the virus has been on the UK property market so far and how he sees it affecting Prop Tech globally. This is a far ranging interview and it goes a bit longer than normal - we cover everything from how COVID-19 is making us re appreciate our homes and being home, the impact that it's going to have on the funding of Prop Tech. And James has a fantastic vision for democratising access to education around technology.

Apologies. We forgot to click the Time Stamp button on the transcript, but below is the order of the interview to help you scroll through.

  • The new normal. How taking time to look after your family and organise work around that is one of the outcomes of Covid-192.
  • The Unissu elevator pitch and where the name came from Prop Tech in the time of COVID-19.
  • James discusses the Connect initiative to democratise education about proptech globally.
  • Kylie reveals her trauma around presenting on video and James offers advice on how to do it flawlessly. (too late!)
  • How Covid-19 is affecting the proptech population – how we’re moving to place of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ with the difference being liquidity and capital.
  • The Covid-19 silver lining 8.How Covid-19 is helping proptech adoption across both the first world and developing world.
  • Will Covid-19 and its accompanying capital shift impact innovation in the sector.
  • The revelation of the true cost of legacy systems in real estate.
  • How Covid-19 is removing the resistance between intention and action and other stepping stones
  • James discusses how the UK residential real estate market has been impactedand the push back on the UK property portals.
  • The virus implications on future funding of proptech and how the virus has revealed the importance of market fit.
  • How isolation and working from home is impacting the Commercial property market.
  • At the time that we’re becoming more technologically enabled, we’re also becoming more traditionally enabled. The rise of self sustainability.
  • The next five years – the end of ‘proptech’ being a term because there will be no more ‘us and them’. Hallelujah!

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