MovingHub – Taking the stress out of moving

In this episode, my guest is Michael Dornan, CEO of Moving Hub, a business that was an early innovator in the proptech space of connection services and which is continuing to raise the bar.

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do – up there with divorce and death of a loved one. And isn’t it true that you don’t realise how much ‘stuff’ we have in our lives, until you need to pack it in a box and move somewhere else? Or all of the services that you use until you have to unplug them and reconnect them somewhere else. And how much time you can lose in your life by doing all that work.

MovingHub enables real estate agencies to offer all of these services without asking them to let go of their relationship with their customers. In this way, it’s a great service that enhances the role of the real estate agent in providing property services, rather than outsourcing it. Smart agents are using it to enhance and deepen their relationships with clients.

00:53 Michael explains how Movinghub started and how its USP is to allow agencies to create their own moving experience for their clients with a white label product.

04:38 How MovingHub adds to the value of real estate agents and improve their relationships with property buyers and renters.

06:11 Michael outlines the statistics around moving in Australia – did you know approximately 2.5 million people moved to a different address last year?

10:40 Michael outlines the 26 services that MovingHub offers – it’s not just power and gas – and the revenue this offers agencies.

14:27 How MovingHub has been adopted.

15:29 Why moving is so painful and how agents are in the perfect position to offer help.

18:36 MovingHub’s overseas presence and how the business has grown through bootstrapping and supporting their own expansion. This is impressive.

26:07 Michael talks about how MovingHub is investing in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

27:14 Will there ever be a day when moving is actually a pleasure? Michael thinks it’s possible.

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