BoxBrownie – Leading the Aussie Proptech Push

My guest in this episode is Peter Schravemade from BoxBrownie – one of Australia’s strongest success stories in the residential proptech space.

BoxBrownie – to quote Pete – touches up photos. They’re an automated platform that makes it ridiculously easy for real estate agents to get property photos corrected – whether that’s removing shadows and fixing the lighting, changing overcast days to sunny, or even adding virtual furniture and renovations. They won a coveted spot on the NAR REach program for 2019 and completely dominating the conference circuit in the US using it to successfully launch the business globally.

BoxBrownie are some of the hardest workers on the conference circuit – they know everyone and they’re generous with their hospitality and connections and have been great ambassadors for Aussie proptech. In fact, Peter was recently named a 2019 Real Estate Top 50 Influencer by Elite Agent Magazine. In this episode, he shares the story of how its taken a team of complementary personalities – rather than a single founder – to grow BoxBrownie. And he shares how BoxBrownie have built their business in the US.

01:33 Peter gives probably one of the most succinct elevator pitches going. Check it out! He also talks about how the company started and how he came to be involved.

07:08 A quick summary of the growth of BoxBrownie and how it is now challenging gig economy companies like Fiverr and Freelancer in the photo editing space.

09:44 Peter discusses how AI is likely to affect the business – which currently uses manual editors – and how they are working to rise to the challenge. If you know BoxBrownie co-founder Melvyn Myers – he’s working on what a bot could look like in this space.

12:10 How BoxBrownie joined the NAR Reach program and how the pay per use model worked in their favour. Peter also talks about how Australian technology is perceived in the US and talks us through the NAR timeline and application process if you’re thinking of applying.

16:45 Peter runs through the work that goes into winning in the US market and the investment required to be part of the conference circuit. He also explains how BoxBrownie used content marketing to establish themselves in the US.

32:22 The BoxBrownies are launching into other industries – Peter runs us through the strategy.

35:14 Peter talks about the Australian real estate market and its adoption of BoxBrownie and compares the Australian approach to adopting tech to the Americans.

40:19 We discuss the challenges being faced in proptech.

42:40 And the question you really want to know the answer to – how many frequent flyers does Pete actually have?

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