Building your business through content marketing

I recently presented at the Stockdale and Leggo Kickoff on Growing Your Business through Content Marketing.

As real estate agents, we have great processes and the tools in our businesses to help us easily create standard advertising and promotional material. But the effectiveness of that material is rapidly decreasing.

In this presentation, I look at:

- The tech trends that are driving these change

- The death of traditional advertising and the importance of storytelling in real estate

- Where audiences are moving to and the new rules of engagement

- The new tools you need to execute

We then look at how to embrace content marketing within your real estate business, including:

- What your goal should be as a real estate content marketer

- The strategy you'll need to implement

- And the tactics - the types of content you'll need to create, and where to place it.

There's a lot of noise - and a gazillion acronyms - in content marketing. But at the end of the day, it's really simple. Share valuable information and grow your audience. Share more information and turn that audience into clients.

At the end of this presentation, we look at how to use the information in this deck to start to build your content marketing 'muscle' and run a small project to practice these new skills and test your results before scaling it more broadly across your business.


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We also discussed the importance of planning your content. You can download a free Content Planner here.

Content planner from HomePrezzo