Sorted Services – Andrew Duncan: Life Made Simple

My guest in this episode is Andrew Duncan, the founder and CEO of Sorted Services, an app that I personally love because it's an app that makes life simple by centralising all the annoying, difficult, and time-consuming things that you have to deal with as a homeowner, including the payment of utilities, insurance, and even maintenance all in one space.

Now, Andrew Duncan has more than 21 years experience in utility connections combined with entrepreneurial technology, businesses, servicing utility connections. And in this interview, we explore the incredible opportunity that is available in the property management space, in helping homeowners as well as renters to manage the adulting of owning and living in a property. So here to tell us all about it, Andrew Duncan, welcome to the PropTech podcast.

01:41 - The Sorted elevator pitch and what it is

04:11 - Not just a moving app, Sorted provides many tools

08:15 - The solved pain points

09:58 - What sets Sorted apart from utility companies?

14:51 - How did Andrew get into the proptech space?

17:18 - How big is sorted and what kind of clients are there?

22:17 - The Sorted Services roadmap

28:07 - How does it help agents?

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