Hubble – Marco Salinas: Showing How Materials Affect Living Experiences

My guest in this episode is one of the winners of the Proptech of the Year Awards, Marco Salinas, CEO and Founder of Hubble, which won the most innovative startup for the design and development category. Now Hubble is a wonderful piece of technology that shows how individual materials affect home living experiences. In every build or renovation project there's a raft of decisions to be made about the materials you choose, but how we tend to do that currently is based on aesthetics and price. 

But what if it was easy to state your intended outcome, say making your home sustainable or low energy and that there was a bot to help you choose all the materials and could demonstrate to you just how effective they would be against your chosen goals? Well that's what Hubble, the technology designed by Marco, is now starting to do. Marco has studied energy innovation and emerging technologies at Stanford and has a Master's of Science from Carnegie Mellon. And more than 10 years experience as a software developer in the energy efficiency space.

02:03 - The Hubble elevator pitch

06:25 - How does the AI work it all out?

11:05 - So how does a 10 star building or house different to a typical house?

14:23 - What would the star rating be for a typical house?

21:33 - Breaking down the problem. What this all means.

28:15 - Who are Hubble’s customers?

33:29 - How big is Hubble now?

37:44 - The interesting reason behind Hubble.sh rather than .com

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