uDrew – Tom Young: Simplifying Council Approvals

My guest in this episode is one of our winners of the Proptech of the year awards, Tom Young, CEO and founder of uDrew, which won the most innovative scale-up for the design and development category of the awards. uDrew is a world's fast-building technology platform that makes designing, planning and building your own projects faster and more affordable.

Tom has a 20-year-plus career as a structural draughtsman and engineer, and was a winner of the Curtin Ignition scholarship award in 2016. And in this interview, we explore the extraordinary amounts of time and stress that exist around getting council approvals for even the simplest job of a new fence, a carport or a shed. And we look at how uDrew is streamlining that process with wins not just for homeowners, but for council planners. And we discuss the extraordinary potential of this technology and its ability to handle even bigger projects as it scales. 

01:59 - The uDrew elevator pitch

06:32 - Handling the smaller residential things

09:20 - I’ve already got a plan, and uDrew still helps

14:32 - Tackling one-dimensional documentation

17:19 - How many councils is uDrew working with?

22:15 - How long have you been around for?

25:54 - The Archistar of residential property?

32:28 - What are your current challenges in your business that you are dealing with as an entrepreneur?

39:04 - Has winning the Proptech of the year award impacted the business?

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