Erin Living – Thomas Walkley: Creating Vertical Communities

My guest to kick off season two is Thomas Walkley, Co-founder and CEO of Erin Living. Thomas has an impressive background in the property industry having worked as an account manager at WIT Group for eight years, and as a property consultant for five specialising in large scale residential developments. He's taken his experiences from that time and has founded Erin Living to pioneer the future of multi residential living with Co-founder, Anthony Mazzei. 

Now it's great to finally get him on the podcast because as a bit of a backstory for listeners, Thomas reached out to me about 18 months ago and asked me to join the advisory board of Erin Living because he was a huge fan of the podcast. But then he got all coy and kept declining my invitations to be on the show.

But Erin Living is a very exciting mobile app that turns high-rise residential apartments into vertical villages. By creating a centralised place that allows residents and building owners to manage access and security with digital keys, to receive deliveries, manage parking, report maintenance issues in the building, and to share important notifications. 

And it does all of this through a mix of Erin Living tech and integrations with other specialists proptechs, ensuring residents get the best of both worlds and developers can be flexible with the partners that they integrate with. It's like a remote control for your high-rise residential apartment all sitting inside your mobile phone.

03:29 - The Erin Living elevator pitch and the problems it solves

08:35 - It covers security, keys, and access too

14:22 - Opportunities to engage parking apps and parcel companies

19:32 - You can report needed repairs with Erin Living

23:39 - How big is Erin Living, and retro-fitting buildings

28:38 - What the engagement level is like and Thomas’ background

35:53 - What does the next 5 years hold for apartment living?

39:11 - The Erin Living roadmap

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