Sandy Moore – Our Property

Welcome to the Proptech Podcast. It’s Kylie Davis here and I’m delighted to be your host as we explore the brave new world where technology and real estate collide.

The aim of each episode is to introduce listeners to a proptech innovator who is pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and explore the issues and challenges raised by the tech and how they can create amazing property experiences.

My guest in this episode is Sandy Moore, CEO of property management startup OurProperty.

OurProperty is a cloud-based property management system that streamlines the work property managers do around managing and maintaining the property. And it’s one of THOSE PM systems that asks the question, do you really need a trust account?

04:20 The OurProperty elevator pitch and why app stacking doesn’t work

05:39 Why automation should play a bigger role in real estate.

07:27 Why property managers should be the ringmasters, not the monkeys in the circus. The value equation of residential property management.

08:44 The history of property management – and it’s technology – is connected to its history as an admin and accounting function.

09:21 Sandy explains more about app stacking and why a ‘walled garden’ approach can make more effective workflows.

13:04 OurProperty’s three-year history and how it’s grown to 100,000 properties under management.

14:02 The traditional concepts in property management that OurProperty challenges – do you really need a trust account?

16:08 How keyless entry could revolutionise real estate and property maintenance.

18:02 How the property management revenue model is changing.

20:58 Cloud-based services and how they are revolutionising property management for property managers, tenants and landlords.

25:32 How OurProperty works with tradies and the potential of this as a market.

27:05 OurProperty gets a shout out from some of Australia’s most respected property managers.

28:46 Sandy talks about how to approach new product testing.

30:43 Sandy talks about the challenge as a proptech in getting a piece ready for market.

32:51 The shock of managing by exception rather than managing everything and the challenges this offers property managers.

34:45 Will freeing up the time of property managers result in better human relationships – or will they avoid them??

36:40 Data, analysis and deep-dive reporting and how it can help us automate further.

38:31 Sandy talks about the end to end automation that OurProperty is working on.

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