ProptechBNE: The Australian Proptech Industry Roadmap

My guest this week is a dear friend of mine and a partner in Proptech crime, the fabulous Isaac Coonan, founder of Proptech BNE, and author of the Australian Proptech Industry Roadmap. Isaac is the senior industry development manager of technology at the Brisbane economic development agency, which is part of Brisbane city council.

And he's also the founder of Proptech BNE, an initiative that supports the development of the property technology community in Brisbane and in Southeast Queensland. The two are a unique marriage that looks at Proptech through the lens of how Proptech can transform one of Australia's biggest cities and create jobs while also pursuing goals like smarter buildings and cities. To get a handle on any of this you need data, and last month Proptech BNE launched the Australian Proptech Industry Roadmap report. More than just a map with the logos of Proptech stuck on it, this is a great deep dive and the first attempt to capture data about the Australian Proptech universe. In terms of our makeup, our demographics, size, growth, and funding. It's been a huge undertaking, but Isaac pretty much knows everyone in Australian Proptech. So he is the perfect person to drive the project. 

01:55 - The Proptech BNE elevator pitch

06:52 - Let’s talk about the project

12:38 - Some key findings

21:43 - How are proptech’s creating jobs?

26:45 - The issue of funding

33:43 - What does the data show about growth?

42:15 - Outro

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