Exergenics – Proptech Awards Smart Building Winners

This week, we are looking at the extremely sexy sub-sector of PropTech, which is BMS management and the optimization of cooling and air conditioning equipment in commercial buildings, and the use of AI and big data-driven algorithms to maximise performance and provide transparency on how your systems are operating.

Now, what? You don't believe me, that this could actually be sexy? Well, I do get it. It's pretty dry or a cool topic. But my guests are Iain and Tim Stewart, co-founders of Exergenics, which was the winner of not just the Most Innovative Startup in the Smart Buildings and Cities category, but also the Startup of the Year at the recent PropTech Awards, 2021.

Now Exergenics caught the imagination of judges from both the residential and commercial space over our many other start-up winners, which is a testimony to Iain, who is an engineer, and Tim, the salesman and marketer, and their ability to explain their tech.

01:44 - The Exergenics elevator pitch

06:47 - How big of a problem is it?

10:55 - How does it help a property manager understand what’s going on?

14:28 - What’s Exergenics doing to address climate change

21:30 - Who are some clients?

29:41 - What does the roadmap look like?

35:48 - What does the future hold? With funding and growing in size.

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